The energy assessor preparing EPCs for Bristol Green Doors homes' case studies describes his experience

 Dear Dan,

I've finished surveying the new Bristol Green Doors homes for their energy performance and I just wanted to say how impressed I've been. There's a really wide range of measures included and it's great to see so many normal Bristol-type homes made to score so well.

The real delight though is to meet so many friendly, normal, open, welcoming people who have put so much effort into learning and doing this stuff to their homes. Young couples, families with old children, families with young children, families whose children have left home – I've been welcomed by them all, all over the city.

I've seen a lot of solar panels, of course, and it's clear the FIT has been doing its job. There were a good sprinkling of houses like mine that gave me ideas and pointers (and hope) in how to deal with my own home's solid-wall insulation issues. I was most impressed by the couple of homes heated off woodburning stoves and back boilers, which scored incredibly well for environmental impact. It's also good to see homes that can pay you to live in them! And last but not least, I saw my first ever actual air source heat pump, which kept me on my toes. Many thanks for that and for involving me in your project.

I've made changes myself since beginning work for the BGD – my floor is properly insulated, and looking at so many PV installations made me realise how much prices have come down, so PV will now work for me even on my not-perfect roof. It goes in next Monday. Seeing the BGD houses, I've realised how I can make solid wall insulation work in my home and that will be the next big challenge. Many thanks, and I wish you every success on visitor day.

Yours ever,

Hamish Cormack
Energy Assessor at The Positive Choice.

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