A Celebration - an Announcement - a Reflection

Last Thursday Bristol Green Doors held a Celebration Event at Hamilton House to recognise our achievements since 2010 and thank householders and stakeholders. At the event we also gave notice that we are unable to continue running as we have and that green open home events in Bristol will need to be delivered differently in future.

The event

One of the strengths of our organisation is the community of interest that we have built and we were delighted that over seventy people came to join us for food, awards and to share a celebratory drink.

'Homes 2050' - Imperial College / BGD research project July - invitation

Hello, how can national and local government help retrofit and how do they hinder it?

I have met some of the BGD Bristol Green Doors community at several events and, inspired by what I have seen and heard and with Green Doors’ support, I am arranging a small research workshop in June to support a dissertation I am writing on the topic above.

Prince dies, the Queen celebrates, a King speaks. Does the nation have a royal mess of retrofit?

It’s the 22nd April, the purple one has died and I’m in Brighton to hear how workers in yellow helmets can make our buildings green. The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) is holding its Retrofit for Builders conference at the Grand Hotel. This event matters as the FMB are the UK's largest trade association in the building industry and their members willingly or not, are on the front line of reducing the 27% of carbon emissions which come from our homes.

A self help group for people with a big building project

I have spent the last three years, with my wife Sophie, building our dream home. It was much more difficult than we first thought it would be and when we faced serious problems it felt like a very lonely place. Now that it is finished and looking back I think that it would have been helpful to have had a self help group of people going through the same experience with whom we could have shared our difficulties, and helped each other.

Diary of an Eco Gadget Guy

I'm one for easy fixes; I like the idea of something that I plug in/ pour in/ wire in to my house and the result is less energy (and carbon) used. Over the years, I've tried a wide variety of technology that claims to save energy from the very expensive to the cheap, from the slightly far-fetched to the blindingly obvious. I get excited by the optimistic promises of the product brochure saying 'our special formula will make you the envy of every other "hair-shirted greenie" within miles.

Does it stop here? Bristol 2015 – Closing Ceremony

Last Friday about a thousand people went to The Colston Hall to attend the closing ceremony of Bristol 2015. Having received the baton from Copenhagen and now passing it to Ljubljana in Slovenia, it provided a good opportunity to reflect on how well Bristol had run our leg of what is obviously more than a local, national or even European challenge and see whether we are running in a relay or a marathon.

Secondary Glazing in Period Homes

It’s a chilly Thursday evening when fifteen people crowd into a beautiful early Victorian home just off Whiteladies Road. Despite the high ceilings and solid walls, the home is toasty warm, partly thanks to the secondary glazing that’s been installed in the house. To help people find out more about secondary glazing and its benefits, Bristol Green Doors organised an evening event of information and discussion for householders across Bristol.

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