April Newsletter

Hello. Panama Papers, Leicester City, Junior Doctors, Donald Trump, Brexit....

Life continues to shock, inspire and anger doesn’t it and Bristol Green Doors is as susceptible to the whims of national policy as anyone which is difficult when the rate of retrofit is as slow as it is. It makes the going for us challenging and requires tough decisions to be made and therefore this year we will not be running a major citywide event in September. Instead we are going to concentrate on our sustainability and developing more reliable funding streams. We know this will disappoint many people but needs must.

We will however be looking to run more Single Home, Single Measure events, support the work of partners and continue to seek funding for our Bristol Green Tours idea and others. In the mean time, don’t forget our website now features nearly seventy case studies of green homes in Bristol with more being added monthly. Search our stories and see which you can learn from and ask questions to the individual householders via a webform.

Big Green Week is runnning over June 11 - 26th and we will be involved with two events at The Architecture Centre and a series of Home Energy Clinics with the CosyHome Co over the week in Clifton.

Our householders, their stories and homes are essential to what we do and providing peer to peer learning about retrofit and green building. We held an event to thank them, give updates, hear their stories and eat http://www.bristolgreendoors.org/blog/aprils-householder-community-event

Interested in self build? One of them, Nigel (pictured on the right below with Richard from Greenheart), wants to help other people with a big self - building project - See more at: http://www.bristolgreendoors.org/blog/self-help-group-people-big-building-project

We love the sight of retrofit in the morning (below is Woodgates current SWI job in Bishopston) and would like to see more of it. Wouldn’t you? If you are doing some or see anyone is doing anything interesting send us a picture. Lt Col Kilgore may not respond personally but we will info@bristolgreendoors.org


As ever we are working hard with our partners to normalise homes being improved and being more energy efficient  and have spent a lot of time in the company of the Federation of Master Builders recently. Eddie the Eagle isn’t always there (below left) ....


.... but when a King speaks the day after Prince dies  it is always interesting http://www.bristolgreendoors.org/blog/prince-dies-queen-celebrates-king-speaks-does-nation-have-royal-mess-retrofit

We are hoping that another partnership can develop with a small consortium of groups including the local authority from Arnhem in Holland who are looking to run a Green Doors event. Dan dressed specially for the meeting with Inge, Petra and Betty last week (below).


Want your builder to get greener? The government have shut down the Zero Carbon Hub but their publications just got out in time. Get the new Sustainable Building Guides (above right) at a Bristol event in May http://www.greenregister.org.uk/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=292

Have you tried the council’s new online tool to help plan your retrofit? https://warmupbristol.co.uk/content/planning-guidance-your-home

Congratulations to Bristol Energy Co-op for your excellent fund raising reaching over £9million so far. Please support as profits will be reinvested in community projects like ours! http://www.bristolenergy.coop/

Finally if you like what we do, liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter will help make a difference. 

Thanks for reading this

Dan, Ben, Tom, Kate, Chris, Layla and Jamie

The Bristol Green Doors team

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