Bristol’s home retrofit scheme - facing national delivery company going into administration.

Yesterday an announcement was made which has a major impact on the retrofitting of energy efficiency measures on Bristol’s housing. We believe hundreds Bristol people are affected including a number of Bristol Green Doors householders (one of our directors amongst them), a number of local trades and workers in Patchway.
Climate Energy, the company which delivers Bristol City Council’s Warm Up Bristol scheme, has gone into administration. Having been told they will not be receiving payments, their sub-contractors are stopping works and are known to have turned up at homes to try to reclaim insulation materials. The council have stated that their top priority is reducing any potential impact on the customers of Warm Up Bristol and the contractors working for it. 
With 27% of UK CO2 emissions coming from our homes, it is obvious that to meet carbon reduction targets over the long term our homes need to be improved on a scale and pace exceeding what is being done locally or nationally at the moment. Consequently we were extremely disappointed to hear that our local authority’s ambitious and very well meaning scheme has run into such trouble.
Since 2010, Bristol Green Doors’ events have featured householders at the forefront of the improvement of homes for energy efficiency. Many of them have invested money and time to make their homes better and thousands of visits have been made by others wanting to learn from their experiences before they retrofit their own homes. Sadly many of these visitors opted into the Warm up Bristol scheme and are now experiencing genuine anxiety and concern about their concerns about their installations and deposits paid. 
We really feel for these people and for all others who have experienced issues with Climate Energy’s work throughout the year. We hope that, at what is also clearly a challenging time for the Warm Up Bristol scheme, a better programme can emerge and be delivered.  To achieve this we believe an open and transparent review needs to be carried out that involves Warm Up Bristol householders and which also provides the opportunity to apply our learning and that of other community stakeholders such as the Bristol Energy Network to be able to improve future schemes.
If you have stories about how Warm Up Bristol met your needs which may be of value to the design of future retrofit schemes, please let us know. We would like them to be used for the benefit of others, to support the call for a strong local supply chain and the continuing improvement of our homes.
In the meantime: 
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