A day out with the CosyHome Co

Bristol has nearly 200,000 and developed as a port in the Georgian era with new residential areas such as Hotwells and Clifton. The architectural heritage of these areas has often places constraints on retrofitting the homes for energy efficiency.

Much work has been done in both Bristol and of course Bath to look at how heritage buildings can be retrofitted and so overcome listed building consents often considered a barrier to upgrading buildings.

The CosyHome Co, a Devon based company, are now looking to expand into Bristol.  They “supply owners of traditional country homes and listed and period properties with unique, virtually invisible, energy saving Secondary Glazing and Draught Proofing that respect the beauty of these homes”.

I met with them late last year and was impressed by their commitment to sustainability, good workmanship and innovation. In response to this I was invited to see some of their CosyGlazing installations with MD Mukti Mitchell who was visiting some clearly satisfied customers as he developed some CosyHome Co case studies. 

I have personally installed my own secondary glazing and seen a number of different examples in other Green Doors homes and wanted to see what else I could learn about it. Seeing as ever is believing and going to homes  was definitely a good thing, the works I saw are high quality and effective.

Visiting homes in Westbury on Trym and Cotham it was clear CosyHome Co have a very good relationship with their customers with warm greetings being expressed and tea and coffees provided too. It was also good to see suction lifters being used to make the maintenance and installation of the panes of Plexiglas safer and easier.

The most striking thing I saw though was the method CosyHome Co employ to adapt sash windows so they can still be opened which is visually non-intrusive and could clearly be of interest to many people in Bristol.

It was after this day out that it was clear that Bristol Green Doors should carry out more promotion of this easy win solution to keeping homes warm and reducing heat loss hence the Secondary Glazing event we are running in early February. We look forward to working with CosyHome Company and others to support the uptake of green refurbishment.


  1. Double and Secondary Glazing
  2. Bristol Planning Guidance
  3. Bath Building Guidance

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