December 2015 Newsletter incl': Gift ideas, Solid Wall Insulation guidance, Paris, Competition, etc


It's nearly the end of 2015, which has been an important year for Bristol and one which we hope has contributed significantly to the city in many different ways.

280 miles as the crows and swallows fly, the second week of COP21 is taking place in Paris. It’s the week when the key decisions will be made about how the world tackles the challenges of climate change. We say GOOD LUCK and wonder if after all the reports being submitted for this, the publicity and even the floods in Cumbria and India, does the following still apply?

Q: How many climate sceptics does it take to change a lightbulb? 
A: None. It's too early to say if the light bulb needs changing. 

On with our news......

Now running small scale events

As of last month, we have started running small scale events. In November we looked at low carbon, integrated heating systems based on an example of a solar thermal system with a wood burner and a combi boiler. Thanks to 1 World Solar for support, householder Tom and  all who came. See the write up here. We look forward to running more events of this kind in 2016.

Competition - How Wet is your Wood and How Hot is your Fire?

Win more than £40.00 worth of wood burner accessories provided kidly by Kindle Stoves and you will know!

Just tell us "How many homes in our "Search our Stories" section on our website (above right) feature Heating systems of Biomass or Wood?" plus two other easy questions here

Looking for a tasteful present which rewards a hard working social enterprise? 

Look no further...In partnership with the fantastic Niche Frames, our popular Planet Bristol image by Andy Council are now available in a smaller size than before. The 30 x 30cm framed prints can be bought for a very reasonable £34.99 from here Available in a choice of frames, we hope you can find a home for one of these and support us in the process.

Larger versions and Tee shirts are also for sale in the Hamilton House shop, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1. Lots of other goodies too and well worth a visit.

Good things happening at Urbane Eco who have supported us since 2010. 
1.    They are now offering an advice service and stocking a range of excellent green building materials for SMEs and self builders. These include wood fibre board for internal external wall insulation, wood fibre and wood flex for warm roof systems and membranes and tapes for airtightness. See (above left). For more detail or to discuss your project call 0117 9098090 or email
2.    MD Nick Lloyd, is passionate about the fabric of buildings, especially the use of natural and breathable materials, and has written a pertinent piece for us on Overheating (above centre) that challenges some Daily Mailisms!

3. They are busy too! We've seen a number of their clients lately and will be featuring some of them as new case studies early next year (above right).

Welcome to Bristol

Devon’s CosyHome Co are spreading their wings and looking to offer their insulation and secondary glazing services to more homes in Bristol. They invited Dan to join them visiting some of their clients and we look forward to working with you in 2016. (Below left).

Popular Retrofitting Traditional Buildings courses - new dates

1.   London February
2.   Bristol March

Good Bristol City Council retrofit news

Following the administration of Climate Energy the council are now managing the Warm Up Bristol scheme in-house. We understand the deposits of residents will be protected. Priority has been H&S and security and then ensuring all outstanding works are completed within the winter, with priority being given to householders who are elderly, disabled, or with children. They do not plan to start new works until the New Year. Members of a number of Bristol Community Energy groups including BGD met with BCC to discuss a more successful delivery in 2016 that will involve more collaboration "on the ground". We look forward to this happening and seeing more homes insulated well through this scheme. 

With so many Victorian and Georgian houses in our City, BCC's new Bristolian's Guide to Solid Wall Insulation (above right) developed by Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance is very welcome. Aimed very much with householders in mind, the toolkit clearly and robustly lays out a new approach to solid wall insulation and retrofit focused on the three core areas of energy efficiency, health and heritage. BGD are very proud that one of our founders Kate Watson was such a key driver behind this really good piece of work which was supported by many including BGD householder Ian Mawditt. It wouild be great to see these standards taken up locally and nationally.

Local Low Carbon Jobs

Lots here.

Energy, Energy, Energy

The Architecture Centre's fourth City Ideas Studio residency exhibition addresses the question of How can we provide better, cleaner energy and use less of it? 


How much do you know about our use of energy? 

That's all for now. Thanks to all 2,132 of you, for your interest and see you in 2016!

Dan, Tim, Ben, Chris, Jamie, Kate, Layla, Tom - The Bristol Green Doors team



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