Small Wood Fired Heating and your Home event well received

Last week Bristol Green Doors ran its first paid event in a house in Easton looking at “Wood Fired Heating and your home”.

For £10.00, ten people booked places to receive a guided tour of householder Tom’s home which features an unusual heating system that integrates solar thermal with a wood burner and a combi boiler. After the tour, Jon Walker of 1 World Solar, followed up with a thorough intro to heating with wood and then an excellent appraisal of Tom’s heating set up and considerations for designing similar ones. The session finished with about twenty minutes of Q & A. 
Tom (below with white shirt) had his system installed in 2010 as part of a major carbon sensitive refurbishment of his house which also included a highly insulated loft conversion. The approach to the heating design was driven by an aim to be less vulnerable to gas becoming more costly and possibly harder to obtain. Making three heating inputs work together was unusual then and although Tom admits the outcomes aren’t perfect, it was clear observing  the very focused group on his tour, that many excellent questions were being asked and the event was enabling people to benefit from each other and feel more confident in their own projects.
Whilst our householders have lots of useful things to share, not many of them can be considered technical experts so it was great to have expert input from Jon Walker (in purple shirt above) which included content on wet and dry systems, planning and building reg’s, installation, safety and gravity and pump systems. For 1 World Solar it was “a really good event with genuinely interested people and a good living and breathing system to base discussions on”. 
Bristol Green Doors have run popular free citywide open homes events since 2010 and are keen to build on this to better enable people to undertake green refurbishments to their homes and to provide more value to our sponsors. We wanted to test out the idea of smaller, more in depth peer to peer learning sessions, backed up with technical expertise and were delighted with our first effort.

“A very thorough and informative evening - thank you Green Doors!” – Alan, BS6

The two hour event proved popular with everyone whether they attended as individuals or couples or with personal or professional interests. The visitors’ feedback was very positive with the tea and cakes, cosy environment and quality discussions all being commented on and we look forward to running similar small focused events in 2016.
Are there any topics you would like us to cover in a similar session?
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