The launch of LENDERS - Researching a new green mortgage scheme

At the end of last week, a new research project, LENDERS, funded by InnovateUK and being run by the UK Green Building Council, The Nationwide Building Society and others, was launched in London. Presentations were made by DECC, UK-GBC, The Nationwide Building Society and BRE

What it was about

LENDERS will build the evidence base for using more accurate estimates of energy bills in mortgage affordability calculations. If successful it could allow higher lending for more efficient properties and eventually lead to a greater link between efficiency and property value.

A day out with the CosyHome Co

Bristol has nearly 200,000 and developed as a port in the Georgian era with new residential areas such as Hotwells and Clifton. The architectural heritage of these areas has often places constraints on retrofitting the homes for energy efficiency.

Much work has been done in both Bristol and of course Bath to look at how heritage buildings can be retrofitted and so overcome listed building consents often considered a barrier to upgrading buildings.

October 2015 Newsletter


Read on for news of our NEXT event in November, more green building events in Bristol, Paris COP21, 2015 comp' winners and more!

This is our first newsletter since our September 26-27th event. Many, many thanks to all who opened, stewarded, visited and helped in any way on what was another great event. The weather was fantastic and we have some great photos and stories. We have finished looking at the feedback and here are five stats of interest.

“Integration lies at the heart of low resource city living”.

Hurry! Running till 8th November is an excellent “Resources” themed exhibition at The Architecture Centre which is worth a visit. So often The Architecture Centre intelligently brings together topics encouraging one to look more holistically at issues and this exhibition is no different.

It features three Bristol2015 grant funded projects (Bristol Green Doors, SNUG Homes and The Bristol ReUse network) and concentrates on Resources, one of the five core themes of Bristol 2015 (Food, Nature, Energy and Transport being the others).

Bristol’s home retrofit scheme - facing national delivery company going into administration.

Yesterday an announcement was made which has a major impact on the retrofitting of energy efficiency measures on Bristol’s housing. We believe hundreds Bristol people are affected including a number of Bristol Green Doors householders (one of our directors amongst them), a number of local trades and workers in Patchway.

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