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A Celebration - an Announcement - a Reflection

Last Thursday Bristol Green Doors held a Celebration Event at Hamilton House to recognise our achievements since 2010 and thank householders and stakeholders. At the event we also gave notice that we are unable to continue running as we have and that green open home events in Bristol will need to be delivered differently in future.

The event

One of the strengths of our organisation is the community of interest that we have built and we were delighted that over seventy people came to join us for food, awards and to share a celebratory drink.

Prince dies, the Queen celebrates, a King speaks. Does the nation have a royal mess of retrofit?

It’s the 22nd April, the purple one has died and I’m in Brighton to hear how workers in yellow helmets can make our buildings green. The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) is holding its Retrofit for Builders conference at the Grand Hotel. This event matters as the FMB are the UK's largest trade association in the building industry and their members willingly or not, are on the front line of reducing the 27% of carbon emissions which come from our homes.

Does it stop here? Bristol 2015 – Closing Ceremony

Last Friday about a thousand people went to The Colston Hall to attend the closing ceremony of Bristol 2015. Having received the baton from Copenhagen and now passing it to Ljubljana in Slovenia, it provided a good opportunity to reflect on how well Bristol had run our leg of what is obviously more than a local, national or even European challenge and see whether we are running in a relay or a marathon.

The launch of LENDERS - Researching a new green mortgage scheme

At the end of last week, a new research project, LENDERS, funded by InnovateUK and being run by the UK Green Building Council, The Nationwide Building Society and others, was launched in London. Presentations were made by DECC, UK-GBC, The Nationwide Building Society and BRE

What it was about

LENDERS will build the evidence base for using more accurate estimates of energy bills in mortgage affordability calculations. If successful it could allow higher lending for more efficient properties and eventually lead to a greater link between efficiency and property value.

A day out with the CosyHome Co

Bristol has nearly 200,000 and developed as a port in the Georgian era with new residential areas such as Hotwells and Clifton. The architectural heritage of these areas has often places constraints on retrofitting the homes for energy efficiency.

Much work has been done in both Bristol and of course Bath to look at how heritage buildings can be retrofitted and so overcome listed building consents often considered a barrier to upgrading buildings.

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