2012 Event

Over the weekend of 17-18th March 2012 forty homes opened across Bristol for our second city wide event.

The event cost £17,460 to put on and we were delighted with the number of vists that were made and the feedback we recieved from visitors, householders and volunteers. It was clear from the visitor feedback that a hunger for more knowledge on retrofitting exists and that the visitors were aware of schemes to support retrofitting including 39% already having heard of the Green Deal!

(To set the scene), despite settled weather in the week leading up to the event, there were some heavy downpours on the Saturday while Sunday was milder and drier. Here are the key facts.



  • 40 homes opened their doors.
  • 32 homes opened both days.
  • The homes were open between 12.00 and 18.00 hrs.
  • 19 homes were new to Bristol Green Doors. 
  • Homes from non-city areas Portishead, Pill and Keynsham were included in the event for the first time and we hope this will encourage more Green Doors type events in those areas.


  • Nearly 1850 visits were made to 40 homes.
  • Visitor numbers to homes varied between 147 to the busiest home and 5 to the quietest.
  • The average number of visits to each home per day open was 25
  • Many of the most popular homes still had work being undertaken.




  • 70% of visitors had not attended a Bristol Green Doors event before.
  • Over 50% of visitors said they were most interested in seeing examples of solid wall insulation.
  • 79% said they thought their visit would influence them to do something about saving energy at home


• 58 event stewards played an invaluable role supporting the householders by welcoming visitors, providing refreshements, getting feedback forms complted etc.and the (see below).


It was great to be able to feature the four house terrace external wall insulation project which we had secured LEAF funding for. See http://www.bristolgreendoors.org/news-item/tackling-terrace


Three Bristol MPs visited homes and we are grateful for the support and interest that all MPs have shown.

  • Bristol East’s Kerry McCarthy went to Dominion Road on Saturday and saw 
  • In Bristol North West Charlotte Leslie MP visited three homes, a pilot retrofit carried out by Bristol City Council in Lawrence Weston; the 70s home in Sneyd park and in Westbury-on-Trym, Charlotte met Jeannie Meyer, who has installed an solar PV array on the garage.
  • On Sunday, Bristol West MP Stephen Williams joined Bristol Green Doors at the Terrace project in St Andrews to see how a government grant was allowing neighbours to team up to fit external solid wall insulation. He also saw a total refurb’ in action in nearby Berkeley Road and an exemplar new build live-work unit in St Pauls.




Some of the funding of the event was provided by local commercial sponsors and this was our first citywide event at which we invited sponsors to be present in some of our homes or have some other “visibility” over the event. Southern Solar and Solar Sense were both present in individual homes, Footprint Building ran tours of their Mortimer Rd development and Kellaway Building Supplies staff participated as event stewards giving them a new take on the event.


We worked closely with a number of key partners on the project and particular acknowledgement must go to Bristol City Council, The Bristol Energy Network, Make your Home Eco, The Positive Choice, Piers Sadler and Centre for Sustainable Energy.


The following people carried out the key roles of the event for which they all received payment:

  • Dan Weisselberg – Project manager
  • Chris Johnson – Event Co-ordinator
  • Gail Francombe – Volunteer Co-ordinator
  • Stewart Grey – Case study management
  • Helen Burley - PR


We used the folowing materials to promote the event.

  • 5,000 A6 fliers
  • 10,000 map booklets
  • 750 A4 posters
  • 2,000 A6 card invites to householders’ neighbours


  • BBC Radio Bristol (Dan)
  • Evening Post (twice)
  • Digital media (newsletters, Twitter, Facebook etc.


All photos by Sidz at www.sidzphotography.co.uk/


Alex, Alistair, Steve and all at the Terrace, Bill, Bob, Carlton, Charles, Chris, Chris, David, Derek and Myra, Eric, Gavin, Ian, James, Jeannie, John, Jon, Katharine, Lucy, Mark, Matt, Michael, Mike, Pamela, Patrick, Paul, Peter, Ralph, Richard, Richard, Rik, Sean, Sue, Terry and Trevor.

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