2014 Event

The Bristol Green Doors 2014 open homes event was held on the weekend of 13 – 14th September with twenty homes participating.


  • 833 unique visitors made a total of 1,440 visits to the twenty homes which averaged 72 visits each
  • A four member, part-time team managed and delivered the event for under £8,000 less office and staff costs.
  • Provision of 2013 documents and templates enabled the 2014 Event Manager to take on the role quickly and this was set up again for 2015
  • Management of the event and accuracy of information would be improved by greater integration between the data collecting system and outputs  and producing a single information pack for householders
  • Despite much effort, just enough volunteer Event Stewards were recruited, though their contribution to the day and own feelings about it were generally extremely positive with a range of benefits evident
  • Social Media played a valuable role in promoting the event though paid, boosted posts suggest greater impact can clearly be achieved at cost
  • Publicity for the event included production of maps with popular new branding and press coverage across the city in a range of magazines and newsletters
  • Householders clearly enjoyed opening their homes acknowledging the enthusiasm  of visitors but it is a tiring day and many opening for both days in future should not be expected
  • The Householder and Volunteer Welcome event was well run with some good activities and appreciated by all who attended and is clearly a key to part of the build up to the event
  • To enable faster sign ins and better tracking of visitors, a new Green Card registration system was introduced. Despite confusion in two homes this worked well in comparison to previous years’ systems
  • Nearly 40% of visitors said solid wall insulation was the measure they were most interested in, closely followed by quality windows and floor insulation
  • Bristol Green Doors continues to attract new people, 67% of this year’s visitors had not been to an event before and nearly a quarter were aged between 25 – 34
  • 97% of visitors said they had been helped by their visit to a home with 32% suggesting “Action” would be the result of their attending
  • It became apparent that interest exists within both the householder community and the event visitors to share data and ideas outside of the event
  • Despite running the event alongside Doors Open Day this year, holding the event later in September should be considered to reduce the impact of the summer holiday period

Download the full event report here

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