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Improving our typically most valuable asset is challenging and exciting and we all want it done well.

Sadly sometimes people are disappointed by building works and we hope the lessons of our householders can be useful for you.

A number of retrofit and new-build Bristol Green Doors homes have been worked on by Greenheart Sustainable Construction and here is a short overview of what director Malcolm McMahon thinks matters.

Why it’s important to get it right - Often this will be your one opportunity to stamp your mark on a building. We would always advocate a "fabric first" approach.  As with most things if you get the basics right the rest should follow more easily and perform that much better. Keeping things simple will often produce the best results.

What makes a successful build? – There’s no need to rush, take your time, get good impartial advice and if possible enjoy the process. Avoid getting carried away with too many unnecessary add-ons and concentrate on the basics.

As with any process there will the good, the bad and the ****. Bristol Green Doors is a unique opportunity to look first hand, learn from & talk to those who have already gone through the build process.


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