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Who does the work to improve the home depends on and is influenced by budget, skills, time. complexity etc. The work done in Green Doors homes covers the full range of approaches (see below) that can be taken. Before considering how you might do things, do bear in mind that some of our householders are builders or have dedicated huge amounts of time to doing up their own home. This isn’t always possible so getting a skilled and reliable contractor in to do all or some of the work is sensible.


People often ask us what they can do to cut costs or CO2 emissions. Our case studies include a number of homes where householders have installed measures themselves which were done with a reasonable level DIY competence.

The measures include underfloor insulation, secondary glazing, draught proofing, low energy lighting and water management. It must be noted that having knowledge of what they are doing and what to avoid is of course the recommended approach. A useful book is the Haynes Eco-House Manual, (pictured above) which even features Lucy one of our householders.

Some of our householders can be described as self-builders and whilst this isn’t typical retrofit, the knowledge and use of new techniques and technologies by this community has influenced the whole sustainable building world. If this interests you Bristol is the home of Ecomotive  a self build and custom build consultancy that is well worth learning more about.


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Buying in all work

Employing someone to carry out works for you is the most common approach. Bristol Green Doors does not make recommendations of who to use but where our householders have been happy with their contractors, they have detailed them in the case studies.

A number of our householders have carried out works professionally on other peoples’ homes so here are some thoughts from them about what to consider when buying

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Working with a contractor is also something worth considering. Some jobs (see DIY above) are not super skilled and so carrying out collaboratively is sometimes a possiblity.

Technical approach with more Project Management

Ensuring any work is done to a specification invariably requires good project management. Despite being almost synonymous with the Grand Designs show, this role is a key component to all builds. Often this may be done by the building company but some of our householders have undertaken this role themselves.

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