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Choosing a Builder or Installer

BGD receive many emails requesting recommendations from the public for installers and contractors. (We also get requests to carry out work on peoples’ homes but that is another story!). These requests have lead us to develop a Trade Directory compiled by the positive experiences of our householders. This directory can be viewed by relevant measure or by case study.

As well as listing the contractors, our householder’s stories and comments have value – We hope they allow others to build a clearer picture of the issues, and then going on to be able to discuss these more confidently with your contractor.

Knowing that an installer is suitably qualified is important as poor installations can be ineffective or lead to additional problems. Our measures pages list the trade bodies for many of the specific measures.

The sustainable building world has grown rapidly in the last ten years, evidenced by the growth of focussed trade events such as Ecobuild in London or the presence of insulation or solar companies at Grand Designs at the NEC. Alongside this, the training of construction professionals from builders to architects in sustainable building matters, is also a growing field. One of our partner organisations is The Green Register which has been running courses since 2000 in London, Bristol and around the country. See for their local members.

Nationally schemes like Zero Carbon Hub are supporting the mainstream delivery of low and zero carbon homes in England by building knowledge, understanding and skills at all lessons.

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