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Once you have decided what you are going to do to your home, it is worth thinking about what the impact of the installation or works will be. Based on the experiences of over 100 Bristol Green Doors householders the following have been identified as key things to consider:


Most of us lead busy lives and changing where we live can be disruptive. It is with this in mind that we ask our householders how disruptive installing certain measures was for them. If you look at an individual measure on a case study say Secondary Glazing, you will note how disruptive the householders found its was to make that improvement based on a high - medium to low ranking. In some cases the disruption may be described as N/A which is most likely to be because the householder was not living in the home at the time of those works.

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Unexpected Consequences 

Despite all the research and planning, unsuprisingly many people still experience the unexpected when they do some refurbishment work or the consequences of it afterwards. Learning what else came up when others did something can be very useful as can seeing what they wish they'd done differently after the work. We have started collecting these stories from our householders and some of these experiences are presented within the comments section relating to each measure on the case study.  

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