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Once you have decided what you would like to do, you will want to know whether it can be done and this section looks at some key issues that often arise.

Over the years a number of payment schemes have run to encourage installing measures to improve domestic energy efficiency such as the Green Deal and Warm up Bristol and the uptake of micro renewable energy generation systems via Feed in Tariffs and the Renewable Heat Incentive.  The Payment Schemes section looks at these and sums up what is currently available for people in Bristol

When Green Doors home openers show something like solid wall insulation, a common question they are asked, is “What is the predicted payback on that measure?” The question is informed by a notion that the success of energy efficient measures are calculated by either cost or carbon savings when the reality is actually broader and greater given the additional comfort and health benefits that are experienced by the improvements so many of us have made. The Return on Investment section presents some typical cash payback estimates and looks at the bigger picture of how green refurbishments can enhance the value of your property and looks at green mortgages.

Following many uncertainties over planning permissions on solar panels and installing double glazing in conservation areas we felt a What is Permitted section would be useful.  It provides some important links and with reference to relevant permissions refers to a number of popular improvements that people wish to make.

Since Bristol Green Doors events began in 2010, it is clear that we are providing more and more first time buyers with an excellent opportunity to develop ideas of what scale of green refurbishment is feasible for them when they go and buy their first home. We hope the Buying and Refurbishing a home section is of value.

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