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PV, external wall insulation, draught proofing, triple glazing, programmable room thermostats, breathability, airtightness, heat pumps, Renewable Heat Incentive, Feed-in-Tariff etc, etc - Confused?

Some thoughts from BGD householder Piers Sadler

The refurbishing or design of your new home will require many decisions to be made with numerous factors influencing each decision. In many cases information available from the internet or from suppliers will appear to conflict with information from other sources. In other cases energy benefits may be offset by expense, space considerations or disruption.

How do you arrive at a set of decisions which will give you a home cheap to run, comfortable to live in and with reduced CO2 emissions at a price you can afford?

Advice is available from local energy consultants and advisers who can help you improve your home.  This can be particularly welcome if you are unable to find your way through the seemingly impenetrable jungle of information on building energy efficiency and sustainability.  Your consultant should be able to provide impartial and professional advice on the strategy and approach, design details, systems selection, finances and grants and suppliers.  Through this process you will often be able to save money by avoiding expensive and wasteful approaches as well as by selecting products and suppliers offering the best value for money.

Piers Sadler Consulting
M: 07502 425158

We hope thse pages can help by providing you with important, basic detail on different measures, finance options as well as energy saving advice and popular installer information from our householders.

Please note: Bristol Green Doors can not  recommend advisors but those who advertise here are known to us and some of our householders.


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