Bristol Green Doors Trade Directory for this measure

1. High level - Gold

Urbane Eco - Air tightness, Design features, Draught-proofing, Extensions and conversions, Insulation - Floor and ceiling, Insulation- Solid wall, Insulation - Other, Materials, Ventilation, Heat Recovery

Energy efficiency with a ‘Fabric First’ approach. Welcome to Urbane Eco. We’re an energy efficiency company – but with a difference. As well as offering a standard range of products, we’re a specialist supplier and installer of solid wall and other breathable insulation systems. And, as part of our total “fabric first” approach to energy efficiency, we also install high performance windows and doors as well as use and sell ecologically sound breathable paints.

Our ethos is to offer: Sustainable, quality products, High standards of craftsmanship and professionalism, Real value for money, Expert, independent advice and consultancy

Unit 15,
Bristol, BS4 4EU
01179 098090
3. Basic level - Bronze

Bristol Sustainable Building Co' - Air tightness, Draught-proofing, Extensions and conversions, Glazing - Double and secondary, Insulation - Floor and ceiling, Insulation- Solid wall, Building Services
15 gadshill road,
Bristol, BS5 6LJ

07809 409607
4. None

Passivent - Air tightness
North Frith Oasts,
Kent, TN11 9QU

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