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The trades and Trade Directory.

After householders sign up to open for Bristol Green Doors we ask them to fill out a table detailing the measures they have installed, the cost and, if they are happy to, details of the trades used. This includes the names of the contractors (those who have done the work) and suppliers where, or from whom, the items were obtained.

Based on emails to us and feedback at the events, this is information that a lot of people value so, based on the case studies and experiences of over 100 householders, we have compiled a Trade Directory. The Directory is presented in two different ways. Trades are referenced on the relevant Measures pages and on the home’s Case Study. A more detailed, higher profile listing is available to those companies which are sponsoring us (see below). 

Only those trades who have been referenced by our householders are featured in the Directory or able to advertise on this site.

Since we began, Bristol Green Doors have been extremely keen to work with the trades involved in domestic green refurbishment. Our position is if we can successfully build people’s interests in retrofit, then let’s do what we can to make it more likely to happen.  In doing this there is obviously some synergy.  The involvement of the trades with us have varied from owners of companies showcasing the related works they have done in their own homes, to builders or developers working with their clients to open and of course through commercial sponsorship.

The sponsors that partner us are either companies that have done work on, or contributed significantly in other ways to, the green refurbishment of a number of householders’ homes or companies that offer other strategic or development benefits within the sector.

We hope you find the Directory of value.

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