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Route To Retrofit

Bristol people are making their homes more comfortable, warmer and better for the environment. 

Many of these people come together for Bristol Green Doors to share their experiences. At our open homes events and on this website, they show the improvements and describe what they have learnt. They share their motivations, experiences, costs and contractors' details. Visitors ask questions, get ideas and see how they can improve their own homes. 

So, if you are looking to improve your home, by reducing bills, making it healthier and cosier why not see what others have done first? Explore our ever changing collection of stories and experiences by Searching our Stories at the top of every page (below left) and find a home like yours or a measure you are particularly interested in. Alternatively follow our Route to Retrofit made up of the key parts of the refurbishment experience to support your journey.



We hope others experiences can save you time, give you useful advice, help you plan better, and of course improve your own home.

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