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We all want our homes to be better and work for us, so there are many reasons why people improve their homes including: converting the loft; overcoming damp; reducing energy consumtion; making it healthier to live in; or replacing failing services or structural elements. 

However, as the growing number of TV programmes such as DIY SOS or Grand Designs show, making changes to your home can be exciting, positive, stressful and lead to unexpected consequences. Green Doors householders have changed their homes for many different reasons and opened them up to 1000s of visitors at our open homes events. Their motivations, experiences, outcomes are of real value to others looking to make where they live better

So, whether you are looking to add an extension, deal with unwanted draughts, save money or make your home more comfortable, we hope the experiences of our householders can be useful on your own Route to Retrofit.

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We were a featured project in Bristol's successful 2015 Green Capital bid and received funding as part of it.

In it for good? Too right. The work we are doing is ongoing.

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